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Our mission is simple: we help musicians make money from their music.
Today there are more ways to do that than ever before.
When you partner with RaminDigital Music to Promote, or otherwise monetize your own music, you’ll know you’re working with an artist-focused company that has been at the forefront of opening new revenue streams to non-label musicians.
We believe in giving control back to artists. The reason we offer free music publishing is to help us have a better record label. We use the data from our distribution platform to help us discover new artists. When we find an artist we believe in, we offer them a licensing deal that includes strategic planning, marketing, financing, branding and PR. The best part? RaminDigital Music takes all the risk by paying for the project upfront, splitting profit 50/50 with our artists.
RaminDigital was founded in San Jose, CA in 2012  as a media copmpany, specializing in custom video creation and business promo intros.
In 2018 RaminDigital Music was formed by a team of music industry experts,
Ramin Kouchesfahani, Daniel C. and Armin K.
RaminDigital Music
RaminDigital Music